The history of the Handy Care RingTM

My name is Eero Simuna and I’ve been working as a masseur for over 30 years. At work I’ve met lots of people from many professions who are suffering of symptoms in their forearms. Different kinds of RSI such as; mouse-arm and tennis/golf-elbow, seem to be rising year by year.

Eventually I too started having symptoms in my arms. After suffering with my pains for the longest time I started development on a solution. My immediate thoughts were that this tool would have to be: easy to use, easy to take with you anywhere and effective.

Even the first prototype that I developed had a positive effect on my symptoms. At this point one of the people who were first to try out my tool: Harri Ylitalo (HVAC Entrepreneur) joined development with me as a partner. We made multiple different versions of the care ring and asked our clients and friends to try them out. We also gave care rings for examination by doctors and physiotherapists. From the feedback we had received from those prototypes, the product got its final form and the Handy Care RingTM was born.

At the end of year 2017 the homepage and the e-commerce of Handy Care RingTM were established and maintained by subcontractors. A couple of years later the e-commerce and other marketing were eventually merged with the one new company, Rausim Oy, by Eero Simuna and a previous subcontractor Ville Rautiainen.