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Kokeilin Handy Care Ringiä käsivarsien kipuihini. Laite lievitti kipua, sekä poisti käsivarsistani kireyttä jo muutaman käyttökerran jälkeen. Mutta lopullista apua vaivaani en saanut, koska kävi ilmi että kyynärvarren jänteissä on repeämät.
Laitetta on helppo käyttää, ihan huomaamattaan sitä pyöritteli samalla kun katsoi telkkaria. Toimii varmasti kyynärvarren vaivojen hoitoon ja ennaltaehkäisyyn.


Olen kärsinyt kroonisista lihasjumeista varmaan koko elämäni ajan ja nyt viime vuosina käsivarsien ongelmat ovat pahentuneet huomattavasti. Olen puuseppä, joten kädet ovat koetuksella jo työn puitteissa, mutta harrastan sen lisäksi boulderointia ja bassonsoittoa. Kädet eivät siis pääse kovin helpolla ja ajoittain vaivat ärtyvät miltei kivuksi asti – onneksi tuli tilattua tuo HCR sillä se todellakin löysyttää nuita kyynärvarren lihaksia huomattavasti. Ehdottomasti hintansa väärti ostos.
Joonas 30v

Hei, Eero

Yli 30 vuotta sairaanhoitajan työssä kädet joutuvat koville. Hyvin olen pärjännyt,kunnes nyt oikea käsi ja kyynärpää alkoivat kipuilemaan.Otin heti Care Ringin käyttöön ja jo viikon sisällä sain apua kipuun. Tein joka päivä muutaman minuutin kerrallaan ja laitoin öljyä iholle liukastamaan. Nyt kun kipu on helpottanut,käytän rengasta muutaman kerran viikossa ylläpitohoitona.Aviomieskin huomasi, kuinka laite helpottaa käsivarrenlihaksia rentouttavan vaikutuksen ja nyt käytämme rengasta vuorotellen telkkaria katsoessa.

– Raija

Hi Eero,

After receiving the prototype in March 2017 to treat my forearm pain, I’ve now been completely pain free for two months (August 2017). 

I use a mouse and keyboard at my job daily. Previously I had tried changing to different types of mice, and even switching up the hand I use my mouse with. Last summer I tried playing golf and it was a pain.

When I first started using the ring I was a bit skeptic, but now I must admit that I don’t have to switch up my mouse or my hands. And now I can golf with a straight face, as far as my forearms are concerned at least.

At first I used the care-ring daily and in the next few weeks I noticed that my pain was gradually reducing . After about one and a half months later my perseverance was rewarded with almost completely pain free arms. Nowadays to keep my symptoms away, I use the care ring mostly in the evenings while watching television.

Many thanks to you.
– Petri R.

Some time back I got into an accident at my workplace, which lead to having to get my right elbow operated. (in the MRI of the right elbow, a partial rupture in the common extensor tendon).

At the same time we noticed that the muscle in my right forearm was damaged. (this wasn’t operated)

A few months after the surgery my doctor who was specialized in physiotherapy recommended me tennis-elbow-type Ft-control treatment – with NHS practices.

So I started seeing a physiotherapist. It had been nearly three years since physiotherapy started and the pain in my forearms remained.

One day Harri (Ylitalo) showed me something, asking if I had ever seen it before (Handy Care Ring). After some discussion I of course was willing to give it a try. I must admit I was a bit skeptic at first. After a couple of weeks of using the ring I noticed, well, didn’t notice that tiring pain in my forearm. The ring had a positive effect on me. I’m really glad that I’m able to keep doing what I love at my workplace.

– Marko Pyörälä

I’m a 48 year old carpenter. I’ve been struggling with elbow and shoulder injuries for 15 years. I’ve had my fair share of rehabilitation and medication. Seeing a masseur has relieved my pains, whenever I had the money and time for it.

With the care ring I bought from Eero Simuna, I’ve been able to ease my tennis-elbow troubles at home. With about 20 minutes of using the ring in the evenings I’ve seen significant improvement regarding my symptoms; numbness in my fingers has disappeared, elbow symptoms have lessened significantly and the pain in my shoulders has lessened a lot.

I’ve now been using the ring for about three weeks and I’m very positively surprised of how effective the ring has been. Using the ring requires almost nothing ex. using it while watching television. I’d be willing to bet that anyone can see a notice with only this much effort. I’ve even started bringing the ring to work with me. It’s very easy to use the ring for a couple of minutes whenever I have the time. On the whole, the ring has had a big impact on my quality of life.

I’ll gladly recommend the ring for anyone who has had similar symptoms. At the price of one trip to the masseur, I can relieve my symptoms every night at home. And I hope that the ring will help me get rid of my tennis-elbow and shoulder troubles for good.

– Joni, carpenter

About a year ago we first had a discussion about the ring you had developed. I took it for a test run to relieve my tennis-elbow. I started using it every night for about 30 minutes at a time while watching television and after two to three weeks I noticed significant improvement. Now that my arms are fine, I still use the ring casually (a couple times a week). I work at hvac and my arms are constantly under stress. I would gladly recommend the ring for anyone with arm problems. It has been a huge help for me personally.

– Harri

Hi Eero.

I got to try out the ring for my tennis-elbow and after just a couple of weeks I noticed huge improvement. After trying it out I bought the ring and use it two to four times a week and the symptoms in my arms have stopped. It works like a charm. I’ve recommended the ring to my friends who are struggling with similar issues.

– From Peku
ps. I work at construction.

Hi Eero,
I’ve now had a chance to try the ring and it has proven to be a huge help.

I would warmly recommend the ring for anyone working an office job. Use it regularly for a couple of weeks and your fingers will feel relieved, your arms will feel relaxed and happiness at work will improve. When I used it for the first time I wondered what this device was all about, but after using it for a few times I noticed improvement. The ring truly works! I’d recommend it for anyone.

– Auli

I play drums professionally and booked an appointment to Eero because of nerve-compression. I had suffered from the symptoms for months. The appointment helped my symptoms, but they seemed to keep coming back. In addition to stretching, Eero recommended me the Handy Care Ringiä. I started actively while warming up for my gigs. The tool worked wonders for me since the symptoms from nerve-compression had disappeared and my arms started feeling lighter in general. A couple of minutes of using the ring warms up my arms which stops them from “locking up” while playing, and I can now play comfortably for the whole gig.

– A musician


Here’s an office workers opinion on the care ring.

I’ve been using the ring daily for about three weeks now for my elbow symptoms. And I’ve been noticing positive results!

I’ve been using it on my forearms in the mornings and evenings (I keep it in the kitchen to remind me to use it!). The sweet-spot for me has been at the front of my elbow. It’s the spot I’ve treated the most.

Now my arm feels a lot better and I have barely any problems at all. I’d gladly recommend the ring for anyone with elbow problems!

– Raija